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Here are some links to our friends websites.

Alaska Indian Arts
Greg's studio is located in Alaska Indian Arts. They have a wonderful collection of silk screen prints available.

Invisible World Fine Apparel of Wool, Silk, Alpaca and Cashmere. Exotic knitwear from exotic places.
I have a sweater from this store. Not only is lovely, comfortable and one of my favorites, every time I wear it someone asks "Where did you get that sweater? It's the most beautiful sweater I've ever seen." Well, this is the place!

The Chilkat Valley News
The local newspaper, where I spent 10 years working. It's a great place to work, I miss that job.

Heather Lende
Are you interested about Haines and to read a great book? Be sure to pick up a copy of "If you lived here, I'd know your name". As my auntie said, "This book was an interesting way to learn about you and your life in Haines."

Extreme Dreams Art Studio John and Sharon Svenson are artists who lives in Haines Alaska and produces works in glass, water colors, and prints.

Debi Knight Kennedy Ivory Carvings, Figurative Sculpture/Dolls, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Prints, and Cards from this Haines artist.

Raven's Window
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