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Relief Prints

We are excited to introduce Greg's newest prints. The method used to create these prints is called "Relief Printing." This method deposits ink on the top surface of an engraved copper plate leaving the engraved lines free of ink. This in in contrast to intalglio in which ink is applied within the engraved lines. A print is taken by placing paper on top of the plate and then running through an etching press. The prints will be restricted to a limited edition of 50 to 70.
Greg prints in his studio located in Alaska Indian Arts on 100% rag paper. Each print is signed and numbered.

Silk Screen Prints

Silk screen prints are printed on d'Arches 100% rag paper, and are hand-pulled in the art studio at Alaska Indian Arts. We ship silk screen prints and relief prints shrink-wrapped on foam core. Please add $15 for shipping and insurance.

Contact Greg if you would like to order a print.

Moon Relief Print

Moon - $50

Relief Print

Limited edition 50 - signed & numbered
image size: 6.5"x 1.75" (paper size 10" x 4.5")

Raven and Sun Relief Print

Raven and Sun - $50

Relief Print

Limited edition 100 - signed & numbered
image size: 7"x 2" (paper size 10" x 4.5")


Hummingbird - $90

Silk Screen Print

Limited edition 100 - signed & numbered
image size: 11"x 14"


Eagle - $65

Silk Screen Print

Eagles flourish in Haines and the Chilkat Valley. Haines boasts the largest gathering of eagles in the Pacific Northwest. As many as 3,500 eagles gather here to feast on the spawning salmon in the Chilkat River each fall.

Limited edition 100 - signed & numbered
image size: 13" x 17"

How to order Prints

Please send us an email if you would like to order a print. We can accept personal checks or you can send payment through paypal. Please add $15 for Shipping and Insurance.

Greg Horner, Woodcarving and Engraving
PO Box 996
Haines, AK 99827

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